At 58 feet length, TQ (as we call her) is a steel hull narrow boat built by Colecraft and fitted out by Elton Moss Boatbuilders. Currently based at Aqueduct Marina in Cheshire we're able to cruise some of the most popular waterways in Britain. The Shropshire Union, The Trent and Mersey, The Llangollen Canal, The Four Counties Ring and Cheshire Ring and more.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

A dash for home to beat the weather.

After seeing the weather forecast, we decided it would be a better idea to call it a day and make a dash for home.

A dramatic sunrise.

Looking ominous.

We called in to Venetian Marina to fill with diesel but they couldn't do the pump out because it was on the wrong side of the boat, so the pump out had to be done at Aqueduct.

Everything was packed away into the car and we made the mad dash down the M6 and M5. Hell, it was busy, lane closures, accidents, speed limits, (made pointless because the traffic was at a standstill) 30mph through Brum, but you'd be lucky to do 10. It took four hours to get home, but I was very pleased with the fuel consumption, there and back on a full tank with a drop to spare, about 34 mpg. Not bad for an 18 year old 2.5ltr V6.

And Lucy was as good as gold...

Pleased to be home.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

From somewhere on the Middlewich branch

It's been cold today, a biting wind from the North, and we've been heading into it for most of the day.

We stopped in Nantwich to fill with water, and as usual it took forever. People came to ask if they could interrupt our flow so they could fill a gallon can, no problem of course.

We turned onto the Middlewich Branch, found some pilings and moored up.

Calm waters.

So far the Middlewich Branch is sheltered, the wind now turned to cross the canal making it slightly more pleasant.


Doing the usual.

Weather update... snow in Nantwich.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day and all is well.

It's been a lot cooler today, the wind has dropped a bit and there is some welcome sunshine too.

Blinding sun, mustn't knock it, it's lovely.
We had a late start, no need to rush, and we headed off toward Audlem where we could wind at the bottom of the locks. Lin did a little shopping while I winded TQ and moored up.

After a cuppa we pulled the pins and made our way toward Nantwich. There's a few more boats about today, not enough to make it busy.

As the day wore on we could see a weather front heading our way and we decided to moor up before it arrived. It looks full of snow, and its forecast, we'll see by morning.

Old Flamey is cranked up, and Lucy has found the hot spot.

Wake me up in time for the week-end.
I just took this photo after the wind we've had today, it's now calm.

On reflection...

Monday, 25 December 2017

Aah! Christmas Day...

...has arrived. The unseasonally warm weather has brought with it some rain, wind and sun. There's not been many boats about, the strong wind putting off most people I think, we being one of them.

There's a couple of full bellies aboard TQ this afternoon, there would have been three but someone slept through it all.

All the presents are opened, the washing up is done, just in time for the Queens Speech. 😩

Here's wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas from all of us aboard N. B. Tranquility. x

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Last minute shopping.

Busy day today, we headed back into Nantwich early this morning, 08:00 we slipped the rings and we had a strategy. Lin wanted to go to Church.......long pause........and do some last minute shopping while I cruised up to Henhull Moorings and winded. I then stopped off at the water point and filled up. Once full I wended my way back over the aqueduct to find a mooring spot. Just as I finished mooring Lin came back from the town loaded to the gills. Lunch was partaken thereof and we then headed back to Coole Pilate in strong winds which made fine control a little tricky at times.

So here we are and settled in with a nice glass of sloe gin.

Long awaited.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Well that went well!

It all worked out ok in the end.

Having forgot to purchase an oil filter prior to leaving home I managed to get one in Nantwich chandlers, we then headed off South to Coole Pilate where I started the task of changing the oil.

I pumped out the oil and removed the old filter and discovered the new filter was too small. So I had to rewind, put the old filter back on and refill with the old oil, and cruise down to Overwater Marina and purchase another one of the right size.

On returning to Coole Pilate I carried out the oil change successfully this time but then I noticed there was a screw loose on the newly fitted Aquadrive coupling. It was so loose I could remove it with my fingers. I tightened it back up and checked the others and found four more that needed serious tightening. Further, two of the four hex head bolts connecting with the gearbox were also loose.

Then I spotted the stern gland packing clamp was a long way out of parallel with the flange so I rectified that too.

Oh! And the shower has a new lamp fitted. I have some led's on the way for there, but they didn't arrive in time so they'll have to wait until next time.


Another beautiful sunset.

Zedsville again.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Who would've believed it.

We did some Christmas shopping early in Nantwich today and I bought some bits and pieces I needed for some repairs and servicing. Then we slipped our moorings and headed off into the sunset. (I wish). Actually we stopped at Coole Pilate having navigated our way through Hack Green Locks and a big thank you to the lazy sod who left both top gates open.

There's a rifle range near by, I can tell by all the pops and bangs that's going off, and I can see the occasional clay pigeon going up and being blasted into eternity. "Jolly good shot old bean".

When we arrived here we stopped the boat, tied up and went straight over to one of the picnic benches and sat down in the very warm sun and drank a coffee. There was hardly a breath of wind and the sun was unbelievably warm, it's December, if this is global warming, bring it on.

Almost like Summer!

Soaking up the rays.

Totally oblivious.

And so to Nantwich.

Had a lazy morning, didn't get away until 11:00. We headed toward Barbridge and turned left onto the Shroppie Main Line and we got as far as the Barbridge Inn and TQ just wouldn't go any further. Luckily there was a space just big enough so we filled it. Well, it would be rude not to, there it was lying there begging to be occupied, we just had to do the decent thing.

We had a two course Christmas lunch, starting with curried parsnip soup, absolutely delicious, followed by traditional Christmas fare. It was too much, we couldn't eat it all, frustrating because it was really good.

Once we'd paid our dues we headed off toward Nantwich, stopped for water, blimey init slow, pootled over the aqueduct and noted the traffic was all queued up in both directions, and found a space to moor.

We just did something we'd rarely consider, we walked down the town after dark to Oddfellows pub, they were holding a quiz night, we didn't take part but it was very entertaining.

So two pubs in one day, I guess you could call it a crawl, well it is for us.

Sorry, no pics today, except one:-

Cosied up in front the fire.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Stayin' put

We've not moved today, it were a bit of a rush yesterday so a quiet day was called for.

All's quiet

Fog on the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal
is all mine, all mine.
Lucy's having a quiet day too...


Here at last

We decided to wait a day or two for the ice to clear before making our way up to the marina. We arrived late in the afternoon and quickly unloaded to the sound of the local hunt beating up the countryside round and about.

Turning left out of the marina we headed toward Barbridge and moored up just before dark on the approach to Venetian Marina. It's very quiet here, barely a sound to be heard.

Cottage pie for tea, one Lin prepared earlier, and a glass of fine beer to wash it down with.

Lucy's with us again, busy as ever...

Saturday, 20 May 2017

...And finally...

TQ has arrived at Aqueduct Marina. Moored up on the fuel dock for diesel and pump-out, bought some Brasso and K99 and reversed over to our designated mooring spot.

We decided to start packing to see how we got on and if things went well we'd finish up and high tail it back to Droitwich to pick up our other car and head off home, which is what we did.
Lucy's happy to be home.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Nearly there.

I finished off the work on the locker covers this morning and we made our way slowly through Nantwich to the water point and filled the fresh water tank. We had to wait as there was someone already using it, but it was very pleasant waiting in the sunshine.

Once filled we proceeded along and as we left Nantwich it started to rain, and we were hit by a heavy squally shower and as we approached the Hurleston Junction we decided enough was enough and moored up and soon after the rain stopped! 😠

So we had lunch while we were here, just a bread roll and a coffee but we won't need feeding again until July!

We passed the Barbridge Inn 😟 and headed toward the junction where we turned right onto the Middlewich Branch, through the only lock of the day, Cholmondeston Lock, and moored up in open countryside, 360 degree views.

By the way the water point that was there is no longer, it has been removed because apparently it is too expensive to repair/replace. (What's that smell?).

It's chilly, smoke on.
We head off to Aqueduct Marina tomorrow, our new base for the foreseeable.

I just had to add these, they're one of the most spectacular phenomenon to be seen here in England.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

We've stopped early

Slipped the moorings at around 09:00, passed through the two Hack Green Locks and arrived in Nantwich around 11:00 when it started to rain. I knew it was going to rain as I'd polished the starboard side yesterday evening, although it arrived later than expected.

We walked into the town to get some provisions and all the way out to T & G Builder's Merchant for some wood and screws to finish off the front and rear locker covers. I had to buy a piece of wood 2.4 metres long which was going to be a bit awkward to carry, so I asked if it could be cut in half. Without a tape measure to hand, I balanced it out and asked the chap to "cut it here". It was within a millimetre - engineer's eye! 😉

It's a long walk into the town centre, and a long walk from the town centre to the builder's merchant and our legs were aching a bit by the time we got back to TQ.

Later I cut the wood into four lengths and drilled some holes in them for the screws. Then I treated them with Cuprinol 5 star wood preserver and attached them to the underside of the covers.

Stops the lid sliding off when you step on it.

I just have to say:- Steak for dinner!

...And Lucy?

Shhh! Zedsville again.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Coole Pilate, odd name isn't it.

Late last night there were three pigeons wooing on the ridge tiles of the house opposite, two males and a female. (No surprises there). Two of them were walking along the ridge, the male struttin' his stuff behind the female. When they came to the end of the gable, Mrs. P turned around to Mr. P and gave him a right ear-bending, threatening him with her beak. He promptly flew off to see his buddy on the other part of the roof and gave him a proper head banging as if it were his fault. Very funny to watch, you couldn't make it up.


Unbelievably, we left Market Drayton at 06:30 this morning, just as it started to rain.

Made our way slowly through Betton Wood, but there was no sign of the Shrieking Spectre that is alleged haunt these parts.

Adderley locks, five in all, a piece of cake as they're well maintained but the rain, heavy at times, made the going soggy.

Then there's the Audlem fifteen, some being tricky with their fast by-washes, especially if you're coming up the flight. We stopped briefly to take on fresh water outside the Fly, then finished off the final three before proceeding on to Coole Pilate.

The rain has stopped now!

Lucy had fish for breakfast...

She's well away with the fairiezzzzzzzz!

Tonight's sunset.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Market Drayton

I love the Shroppie, quaint little villages and towns, and remote countryside all along a narrow corridor of water.

Taking on water at Goldstone Wharf.

Approaching High Bridge in Woodseaves Cutting.

Do you think I should take my chimney down, just in case...?

Lin lock wheeling again, this time on Tyrley Locks.

I thought this was a bit different, shame it turned out blurred.
Moored in Market Drayton.
I went for a walk in MD this afternoon, pretty little town if you go down the back streets. Later, Lin went shopping in Asda and then bought fish and chips for us and Lucy.

And this is the result, a clean plate and Zedsville.
More tomorrow.

Rain, sun and showers, and the Spanish GP.

Woke up in the night to heavy rain, and mooring under a tree didn't help, it made it sound heavier. And then there was the mess washed off the tree onto the boat, we left it to dry before cleaning it off, it made it much easier.

The day started with brilliant sunshine and warm with it too, but later it slowly clouded in and we had a few showers in the afternoon.

The obligatory photo of Bridge 39.

Before setting off I repaired the tunnel light. I thought the lamp had blown but further investigation showed a broken connection. The wiring had gone brittle inside so I replaced it with new and also with new connectors.

We left Wheaton Aston and chugged up the cut to Bridge 47 where there are ringed visitor moorings, and although the old Shroppie Shelf is here, it didn't pose a problem.

Along the way...

Norbury Junction.

It was packed with gongoozlers.

Settled in for the evening and watched a fairly exciting Spanish Grand Prix.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

The beautiful Shroppie.

There's some lovely scenery along here, but before we arrived at Brewood there were loads of moored boats so it was tick-over all the way.

Through the lock and we filled with water and disposed of the rubbish, and then we pootled on up to Turners and filled with diesel. Well it would be rude not to at 58.9p a litre.

Shadey glade.

Leaning Ash Cutting

We managed to moor right opposite the pump on the 48hr visitor moorings, a nice spot handy for the Hartley Arms, need I say any more?

Our bow thruster has been making some odd noises lately, so I just had to investigate. When the impeller was replaced the weed hatch wasn't sealed and was suckling air in one direction. Now it's sealed and the odd noise has stopped.

Sealed properly.

I bailed out the water in the bow thruster hold and attempted to seal the lid with silicone. Don't know if it's going to work, we'll have to wait and see.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Zero miles, zero locks.

Didn't pull the pins today, it started raining at around 07:30 and didn't stop until lunchtime. Once they were dry I painted the cut edges of the locker tops with bitumen thinned with white spirit. They'll need a couple more coats.

New seating fore and aft.

Of course it's rained again since.
It's turned into a nice evening. 
People magnet again...

They kept a reasonable distance, though.

Looking a bit black over yonder!

Ahh! Back to bed... ZZZ...zzz

"Just getting my head down".

More tomorrow.