At 58 feet length, TQ (as we call her) is a steel hull narrow boat built by Colecraft and fitted out by Elton Moss Boatbuilders. Currently based at Wigrams Turn Marina in Warwickshire we're able to cruise some of the most popular waterways in Britain. The Grand Union, The Oxford Canal, The Coventry Canal, The Ashby Canal and more.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

I cycled to Bridgwater Docks again.

It's becoming to be a habit. Here's the pix:-

Creech St. Michael

This is Cogload
 The railway splits two ways here, the nearest line and the line over the bridge goes to Bridgwater and Bristol, the line under the bridge goes to Langport, Castle Carey, Frome and Westbury.

Albert Street Cutting.
 A film crew was here recently filming for a new BBC drama series called Wolf Hall, about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.
Victoria Road Bridge.

This is the bigger of the two locks onto the tidal River Parrett.

River Parrett looking toward Dunball and the Bristol Channel.
This way looking toward Moorland and Burrowbridge.

The smaller of the two sea locks was renamed in April 2005.

Stop planks fitted to prevent water loss into the Parrett

Winding gear to assist in closing the sea gates.

A volunteer clean up session under way painting the lock furniture.

Bridgwater Brick and Tile Kiln.
Clay was extracted locally and made into bricks and tiles. This is where the tiles on my bungalow came from. They're not available any more and only second hand ones can be purchased from the local reclamation yards. (If you're lucky). The kiln is now a listed building.

When the opportunity arises I'll do the Taunton end, though it's not so interesting.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

I cycled to Bridgwater Docks today...

The pix say it all...

Upper Maunsel Lock from the bridge

Lower Maunsel Lock Bridge
See the four concrete cappings?...
 During the war they were packed with explosive designed to demolish the bridge if Hitler had executed his planned invasion.

Lower Maunsel Lock

That's different!

Kings Lock - Yes, we have one down here too.

Standards Lock

Bridgwater Docks looking towards the River Parrett

Bridgwater Docks. B & T Canal is over on the far left.

On the way back through this walled cutting.

...And look who's here
 I stopped and had a chat with the people on board. Nice to meet you today.
Click on the image it should enlarge
See, I do spell it right!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Water Pump Repair

TQs domestic water pump has an internal leak and is back-flowing through its one way system triggering the micro switch every so often. We have two of these pumps, one is a spare and I've just purchased two replacement service kits as stock. This pump, the UV0814 is now obsolete and there is a replacement available, but at a premium.

Pump ready to be dismantled.

Turn upside down...

...remove rubber feet...

...unscrew four retaining screws and remove base...

...pull off pump head... new pump head... frame and screw together tightly...

...push in rubber feet... filter and turn upright.
Put it away in readiness for September - job done!

Friday, 6 June 2014

On the way to work...

...I took these photos:-

Bathpool moorings
From the tow path side

The canal is very shallow and weedy as it doesn't get the traffic of the Shropshire Union or Oxford Canal, but it's a very pleasant waterway, about eleven miles and seven locks including the permanently closed lock onto the River Parrett.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Back to Base

We waited for our friends aboard N. B. Kernow to catch up with us this morning and then we toddled off together in convoy to Wigrams. I say in convoy because it was very busy along this stretch of the canal, we were last in a long line of boats all heading toward Napton Junction. While we were moored up, about half of the passing boats didn't slow down at all and most of the rest only dropped back to half throttle once they'd got here, and then opened up again before having passed. No respect at all, but our spring line put a stop to all the bankside bumping which occurs without it.

I took our friends Dave and Anne to Braunston to collect their car and when I got back I polished TQ to within an inch and now she looks like a new pin.
Front and...
I have to say, we have experienced the best weather ever aboard TQ this holiday. Usually for us the rain is horizontal, and the temperature rarely rises above 10 Celsius, but this time we've hit it right. Hopefully our fortune has changed.

Tomorrow we take the long sprint all the way back to Zunny Zumerzet.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Out with the old, in with the new.

A maintenance day today, but first we slipped our moorings in Braunston after Lin went shopping again and I polished the Starboard side. We only moved a couple of hundred yards to stop at the water point to fill up and I went into Midland Swindlers Chandlers to get a spark ignition switch for the hob and 5 litres of oil. A very nice chug in the morning sunshine landed us somewhere between Bridges 100 and 101. I fitted the ignition switch and then painted the flue flange while Lin did some washing and then I waited for the engine to cool down before I changed the oil and filter. I also changed the primary fuel filter and gearbox oil.

New one on the left. Have a guess how much...

View to the North

View to the South

New fuel filter, there was no water in the dregs, the fuel was clean.

All finished.

Lucy has been so good, not a word of complaint, though she gets us up at 05:00 in the mornings, which isn't a bad thing.
Lucy showing an interest in the great outdoors.
Oh! I nearly forgot, the spark ignition button cost a whopping £14.75.

Just look at this lovely sunset...

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A meeting with friends.

We had an easy morning and slowly cruised to Braunston where we met up with Dave and Anne from Narrowboat Kernow. Lunch in the Boathouse was the order and we strolled down the main road from the 14 day moorings. We had a right session, lunch outside under the parasol, but the girls left early to do some shopping and Dave and I had another pint and we eventually left at around 17:00. Where did that day go?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What a lovely day!

Perhaps our fortune has changed, we don't get weather like this when we're aboard TQ. I woke at 05:00 this morning and left Lin "struggling" with her velcro back. A peek out of the side hatch revealed this...

A misty morning on the cut
After we had bacon butties for breakfast we slipped our moorings and pootled off up to wind between The Old Oak and Bridge 74. On the way we stopped and moored next to N.B. Kernow and had a chat with friends Dave and Anne and we planned to meet up again in Braunston tomorrow for lunch.
Once winded we wended our way (I should be a poet or a literary - on second thoughts nah! maybe not) back to somewhere just short of Barby Moorings by Bridge 75 and had lunch. I cleaned some brass in the afternoon and installed this...

A key rack to stop the coat hooks from being cluttered.
Later, at around 17:00 we made our way back and moored near Bridge 85 (we think).

Here's some more pix from today...

Barby Moorings gradually filling up but still not much in the way of facilities.

Looking back along the Barby Straight on the Oxford Canal.

I like to moor TQ up with a spring line...

...It stops speeding boats from spilling your tea and breaking your crockery.

I often wonder what goes on iside that empty head.

More tomorrow.