At 58 feet length, TQ (as we call her) is a steel hull narrow boat built by Colecraft and fitted out by Elton Moss Boatbuilders. Currently based at Aqueduct Marina in Cheshire we're able to cruise some of the most popular waterways in Britain. The Shropshire Union, The Trent and Mersey, The Llangollen Canal, The Four Counties Ring and Cheshire Ring and more.

Our friendly Syndicate decided to go down the Self Management route on 1st March 2012 and so far it has been very successful. Please visit the other pages in this blog to see the new Web Site and if shares are available for sale. (There'll not be many).

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

...And home again. (KLT)

A very pleasant journey from Middlewich to Elton Moss in brilliant sunshine, in fact the best day weather wise for our entire holiday. Arrived at E.M. around 11:30 and unloaded TQ while the quayside crew did their service schedule. By the way, a pump out here is £20.00  + VAT @ 20%. That must be the most expensive anywhere on the cut, it's certainly the most we've ever paid. Especially when you consider Sherborne Wharf in Birmingham charge only £9.00 inc. VAT...
Then its the quick sprint down the M6 and M5 to Somerset, for about three hours.
Well, that's it for this holiday, thanks for reading my drivel, so until the next time...

Friday, 8 April 2011

And so to Middlewich. (KLT)

Today we came down through Malkins Bank, Wheelock, Etilly Heath, Elton Moss and ended up in Middlewich. Moored up on the PVM along side the main road :( and cleaned and polished TQ to within an inch of her paintwork, from roof to just below the waterline. Once we'd done the port side I winded TQ in the wide bit and moored up in the same spot facing the other way. We then cleaned and polished the starboard side, and now TQ shines like a star.
Couldn't resist a visit to Kings Lock Chandlers while we were here, and only went in to have a look, and came out with a self pump out kit to save on the extortionate cost of a boatyard doing it for you. Will put it to the test when we are on board next.
So the point in coming to Middlewich was not only to polish TQ and visit Kings Lock Chandlers, but to again sample the wonderful fish and chips from across the road. And again they didn't disappoint.
Tonight is our last night aboard, we have to cut our holiday short by one day as TQ is needed back at Elton Moss to have a new gas regulator fitted and also there is going to be a viewing for some potential customers of Carefree Cruising.
Pix of today:-
What a poser! Lin lock wheeling in Wheelock

Cob seeing us off.

 The pen was on her nest at the end of a garden in Wheelock and the cob was hovering nearby. He was quite angry when we passed and he followed us for some considerable distance. I splashed him by opening the throttle but he was not perturbed by this and kept on at us. Lin distracted him with some bread and we managed to disappear around the corner. For him it was mission accomplished and a meal to boot.

Our base at Elton Moss.

Shiny TQ in Middlewich.


...and from earlier times.

More tomorrow...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

An early start and an early finish! (KLT)

The alarm went off at 05:30hrs this morning, but I was awake well before then. By 07:05hrs we were on our way out of Stoke and heading for the Harecastle Tunnel. We filled the water tank while we waited, about forty minutes and then we were allowed in for the thirty-five minute journey through to the other end. It started to drizzle while we were waiting for the tunnel, and by the time we got out it was drizzling quite heavily, so we made our way to the moorings near the BW depot at Red Bull, and moored up to wait for it to stop which it did very soon. Tonight we're moored between Hassall Green and Malkins Bank, the wind is from the North-ish and we thought to be North of the M6 is a good idea as the wind direction will reduce the noise overnight.
Were going to Middlewich tomorrow to clean TQ inside and out, and have fish and chips for tea and then on Saturday we'll wend our way back to Elton Moss for the turnaround checks and to have a new propane gas regulator fitted as the one we have at the moment has developed a leak.
As for the early finish bit, we planned to go home on Sunday, but we'll probably finish up on Saturday instead as the turnaround can't be done on Sunday.
More tomorrow, in the mean time some pix:-

Taking on water while waiting for the tunnel.

The old original tunnel entrance.

A second tunnel was built because the amount of traffic caused considerable delays. The two tunnels ran together for some years until the original one collapsed by which time trade had dropped off and reinstatement of the old one was unviable.

Lin locking in the drizzle.

Plenty of water in the Trent and Mersey.

Locks 49, duplicated along this stretch.

Sunset from our mooring.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fred Dibnahs double decade at Etruria

We had a lovely time last night in the China Garden with Steve and Sheilagh from NB Harlequin and some friends of theirs joined us and we all had a meal together. Great carvery, Lin and I had the roast beef, it was delicious and very tender.
This morning Steve and Sheilagh left us to head back to Chester and we went to the out of town shopping centre behind the China Garden. Its quite large with many sheds containing Toys 'R' Us, Muck Donalds, Mothercare, PC World et al. We popped into Halfords to see if we could get some spare belts for TQs engine, but even though I had the part numbers they were unable to help. Then we went into B&Q to get a cassette hose, and they too didn't have what I was looking for either. So it was back to the China Garden for lunch and then we walked down to Etruria to visit the Industrial Museum. It's only £3 to get in and its well worth a visit. It shows the process how bone china used to be made and there's some machinery which is working and in steam once a month.

Yep! It just so happens dear old Fred was here twenty years ago today.

We've moved out of the marina today and moored just North of the China Garden. Brass polished this afternoon and the engine 'ole gutter cleaned of debris to stop it flooding into the bilge when it rains.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A busy day with just one lock (KLT)

First thing was to fill up with diesel and have a pump-out as we're going to Stoke on Trent to the China Garden for an evening meal. So through Hall Green Lock, all twelve inches in depth, over Red Bull and Poole Aqueducts, at Hardings Wood Junction turn right and head for the Harecastle Tunnel. We had to wait three quarters of an hour for a boat to come through, and then it was our turn. Once through the Tunnel (35 mins.) we headed on down through Longport, Middleport, and then to Festival Park where there were loads of moorings all taken up so we asked if we could stay the night in the marina. No problem, they said and at £6 a night for 58ft, a bargain. I bet a Premier Inn would be a bit more expensive.
Some pix from today:-

Harlequin is last out.

Steve aboard NB Harlequin

More pix from today:-

Monday, 4 April 2011

Lots to do and an early start (KLT)

Well, early for us, so we took on water at the top of Bosley Locks and then made the descent through the locks, all of which were in our favour. Had a stop in Congleton for some shopping (Morrisons is about 15 minutes walk), and then back to TQ for lunch. The rain wasn't as bad as forecast but its been quite cold and breezy, and by the time we moored up the rain had stopped. I took advantage of the weather window and polished the brass, and then I found some matt black paint and touched up some of the scrapes along the gunwale. I just need to do the port side, and it'll be a job well done.
Railway viaduct from the canal aqueduct/embankment in Congleton

Our mooring for the night

Taken from Bridge 81

More tomorrow when we'll be going through the Harecastle Tunnel.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Back to Bosley in appalling weather (KLT)

It had been raining just before we set out this morning, and when the sun shone it was really quite warm. It wasn't to last and the storm clouds gathered and it turned cold and then it began to rain. And the heavens opened, heavy rain, 'kin' hail, and thunder and lightning. Lin went inside the cabin and left me to it, and with just an umbrella as a meagre defence against this, I had to find a bridge 'ole to shelter under. Once the rain had slowed we took a chance and tried to make some progress, but it wasn't to last and another bridge 'ole needed to be sought. Anyhow, we arrived at the top of Bosley Locks, still raining, and moored up.

Shrouded in cloud.

This is the view from our front door this evening, at the top of Bosley Locks after the rain had stopped.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Back on the Macc. (KLT)

Had a late-ish start today, and our first stop was to pick up water at the entrance to Bugsworth Basin, then its moor up at the junction with Whaley Bridge and visit Tesco for some groceries. It's very handy being right on the canal (not literally), if you can find a space to park yer barge. Two swing bridges and two lifting bridges later and we're back at Marple Junction, a turn left and we're on the Macc. Tonight we're moored South of Higher Poynton and North of Bridge 16.
TQ in the dark.

We've come to the conclusion we like the Peak Forest Canal, there's certainly some very nice scenery along here, with stunning views and some quaint little properties.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Still here. (KLT)

Just a short one today, as we've had a lazy day. (Too much overindulgence last night).
Its been very windy and rainy here in the basin this morning, but as the day has gone on it has abated some. The sun even showed its face for a short while.

Sporting new livery.

More tomorrow when we go back to Marple and head South on the Macclesfield Canal.