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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth Basin - a fascinating place. (KLT)

Moved up to Marple and filled with water at the Junction. This tap is really slow, I think they hope you'll get fed up with waiting and only part fill the tank.
At the Junction we turned right onto the Peak Forest Canal and headed for Whaley Bridge. BW have really got to get the mooring situation sorted out here, nearly all the mooring is for long term license holders only with room for two or three visitor moorings which have collapsed into the cut and can't be used, and there are no visitor moorings near Tesco. WHY?
So for us it was wind at the end and come straight out again. Over to Bugsworth Basin, then. Plenty of mooring here, pick your spot. This place is amazing, they were absolutely right to restore this area. It's all about lime shipment and limestone quarrying and kilns. I won't spoil it by saying any more, you'll need to discover it for yourself, and there's no substitute for actually being here. The only thing that knocks the edge off it a little is the close proximity of the main road.
The weather has been pretty windy today with a little rain, but it hasn't made things difficult manoeuvring TQ as most places seem to be sheltered. We're taking a beating in the Basin, though as the wind seems to come in gusts.
We patronised the Navigation Inn (as it would be rude not to) and we both had steak with all the trimings. It was all rather yummy.
Todays pix:-
Approaching Disley

Rail viaduct in the distance

Pretty cottages at Furness Vale

Whoops! I cut off its finger tip

In Bugsworth Basin

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Not far today. (KLT)

Bollington to Grimshaws Bridge No. 18. It's been a miserable day with regard to the weather, so we decided to walk into Bollington and do a bit of shopping. A newspaper, batteries for the camera, a loaf of bread and a whole roasted chicken. I don't know how Lin managed to carry it all back to TQ. Just as we got back it started to rain and it rained for most of the day. Then some water dripped onto the seat next to me. It came from the loudspeaker in the ceiling, so it seems we have a leak. We placed a basin there to catch it. Luckily it has stopped raining now and the sun has come out.

Our location taken from Bridge No.18
The Boat That Guy Built is on telly tonight - Don't miss it!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bosley, Bollington and a breakdown! (KLT)

Arrived in Bollington after the twelve Bosley Locks, and a very pleasant days cruising. The weather held good and at one point it was rather warm. We filled with water at the top of the locks and continued on our way through Macclesfield and on to Bollington. Nearly in Bollingtonand a change in engine sound was noted. A slight metallic rattle. Didn't sound serious enough to stop so we waited until we moored. On investigation I found the alternator securing bolts had dropped out into the engine bund and was on the verge of becoming detached fron the engine. I recovered the nuts and bolts and secured the alternator to the engine, adjusted the belt tension and tightened the retaining bolts. Tested - OK.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) the weather forecast looks dire so we might hole up for the day and explore the town. We may move on if the weather brightens up later.
Todays pix:-
 Us in Bosley Locks

Alternator nut and bolt missing (centre of picture)

Nut and bolt found in the engine bund. (Which needs cleaning)

Monday, 28 March 2011

...And on to the Macc. (KLT)

Woke up late this morning, I won't say what time, but understandable when you consider the long day we had yesterday. Opened the curtains and we were cloaked in a thick blanket of fog and I could barely see the other side of the canal. Later the sun burnt it off and it turned out to be a nice day.
We made our passage to Hardings Wood Junction and turned right heading off to Hall Green Lock where the Trent and Mersey Canal becomes the Macclesfield Canal.
It's been surprisingly busy today, with many boats heading South looking for an escape from the forecast weather, perhaps.

Pool Lock Aqueduct. That's where we'll be going. Under and over.

Hall Green Lock

A rich mans retreat,  just outside Congleton

...And on the other side...

Tonights location

A milestone just in front of TQ tonight
More tomorrow.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

An early start, and a new colour scheme. (KLT)

The alarm bleeped its pesky racket at 04:30hrs this morning and bearing in mind the clocks jumped forward an hour overnight, we had packing to finish, although we did most of the packing yesterday. By six o'clock we were on our way to Sainsburys to fill up with petrol and I have never spent so much on one tank full at £78.00 and I'm told its the cheapest fuel for miles. Had a good journey up to Sandbach, no hold ups or road works, although we stopped in Michael Wood Services as the trip computer was telling us to check the oil level. I did check it and it showed nearly full but not low. I bought 4 litres of Castrol GTX which added £20.00 to the £675.00 service bill of last Tuesday, and poured in about a litre. That stopped it. Arrived safely at around 09:00hrs and proceded to load TQ. We were soon ready to go and headed South along the Trent and Mersey Canal, and twenty locks later we've stopped at Church Lawton just South of Church Locks on Public Visitor Moorings. Its very pleasant here and there's excellent TV and 3G reception. Here's some pix of the new livery:-
Todays location, Church Lawton

New livery
Moored just above Church Locks
Near Hassall Green

Oh! By the way, unlike our last trip, everything is in good order and working well.
More tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Off again soon. (KLT)

TQ has been repainted and with a change of colour too. We've decided on Brunswick Green as the main colour and Cream for the panel and roof. There'll be some photos soon as it's our turn on TQ near the end of this month.
As usual the weather has been good for the last fortnight, and I'm sure it'll be good for the coming week, but after that I fear it's going to break down (according to the Countryfile Weather forecast). We decided to take our holiday earlier this year to coincide with the better weather which has preceded our holidays for the last six years, but it looks like it has beaten us again by peaking even earlier. I'll be viewing the latest BBC monthly outlook when it appears tomorrow. It would be nice to have some fine weather for a change, but as long as TQ performs well and the Webasto keeps us warm I don't mind too much.
Not sure where we're taking TQ this time, but it looks possible that we're going oop Naath. However, if the weather forecast looks poor, then we could be heading dan Saaf.

Spring has sprung?

This sailed past my works when I was having a lunch break yesterday. The last time I took a photo of the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal was back when it was frozen over and there was snow on the ground. See the video in the previous log below.