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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Merry Hill to Symphony Court

Had another lazy start today, left TQ moored on the quay side at the waterfront and strolled over to the Merry Hill Shopping Centre. Wow, it is huge, two miles of shops ranging from clothes shops and shoe shops to phone shops and food shops. A whole range including a model shop selling radio control aircraft (see my other blog). We looked at the possibility of going 3G for faster internet access when on TQ. Found some useful gen, and conned ourselves into buying a usb lead for our existing phone as it is alledged that Bluetooth slows down the delivery speed of a dial up connection. What crap.

OK, lets see if I can upload some photos tonight...

Sorry, it won't have it!
UPDATE: Got ourselves a 3G dongle thingy. Can upload photos, now.
So, got back to TQ shortly after noon, and winded right from where we were moored and made our way back to Blowers Green Lock. Unbelievably the lock was in our favour, so it was a case of open the gates and drive straight in. After raising the 12 feet depth of the lock, Lin steered TQ around to the water point at the top of the lock. We continued our way back to the Netherton Tunnel and turned right at Dudley Port Junction. Now we're on the home straight back to Symphony Court. I noticed that a lot of engine revs were needed to make normal progress along the cut. This meant a visit to the weed hatch, but I resisted the need until we got to our destination.
Netherton Tunnel Northern portal viewed yesterday from over Tividale Aqueduct

Netherton Tunnel Northern portal viewed today from under Tividale Aqueduct

This is Blowers Green Lock, but this pic shows the journey to Merry Hill.

Arrived at Symphony Court at 17:05hrs and moored up in our favorite spot. First things first, switch off the engine, remove the ignition key and place it in my pocket. (LOTO). Then open the weed hatch by loosening the tee bolt. Worryingly, it wasn't very tight. Any way, I removed the hatch to find the propeller was well tangled with plastic from old rope, plastic coal/fertilizer bags, and even some knicker elastic. Enough to 1/4 fill a dustbin bag. Not much in the way of weeds, though. Managed to get it all off using my "Bargee Kev" spade tool. Placed the hatch back on and tightened the tee bolt down reasonably tight.


Brenda Scowcroft said...

I popped around to see you this morning, but you were off the boat. Hope you enjoy your stay in Birmingham

ketro said...

Hi Brenda,
Sorry we missed you, tomorrow late morning we'll moor up closer to Gas Street Basin on our way back to Alvechurch and we'll pop over to see you. Hope to meet you then.
Kevin & Linda