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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Some new parts for Tranquility

I've made some brass plates to protect the paint where the door retaining hooks hang and leave scratches. I'll fit them soon.
New brass paint protector plates
Also the new battery chargers have arrived. I say chargers as there are two - one for the domestic pack and one for the starter battery. I'm very impressed with the quality (it's made in Sweden) and has the robustness of an old Volvo.

Ctek M300 Marine charger set

There is a very clever programme for night use, it reduces the charging amps to a maximum of five and stops the cooling fan hence any noise. It does this for eight hours and then reverts to normal. Further, it remembers the setting for when its switched off for cruising or when the engine is running and restarts the eight hour cycle again when its switched on. It can be over ridden at any time by pressing the blue button - easy innit.
The power supply will come from the shore mains and will be interlocked with the engine ignition via a relay. This will also need to be mounted in an enclosure with a double 13A socket.
I'll have to find a place to mount them, not in the engine 'ole it's too dirty and it requires human access without having to go down there.

1 comment:

E.Laye Lubbs said...

I think these new parts would really help in optimizing Tranquility’s performance – on the dock and in the ocean! I also think that the name for the boat is perfect! It clearly describes how a person would feel whenever he or she will ride the boat. I would very much want to experience and feel that tranquil moment too!