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Thursday, 4 October 2012

"Nothing" at Yelvertoft and little room at Braunston.

Two days blogs in one today because there was no internet, mobile phone, TV, or satellite TV here at Yelvertoft.
First day (Wednesday).
Up with the lark this morning and we're third in the queue for the Foxton Flight of locks. These are a doddle compared with the heavy beasts encountered on the River Soar and elsewhere on the Grand Union. Ten locks in staircase, (two sets of five) in an hour and then there's a twenty mile pound to Watford. We got as far as Yelvertoft and we called it a day, not bad, we were short of Watford by about three miles. Mind you it was windy, but sheltered in the places that matter. As we approached Yelvertoft there was a large dark cloud on the horizon and it was definately full of rain, and we just got moored up a short way past the marina when it started to pour, but a it didn't come to much in the end.
Second day (Thursday).
Marvellous innit! Didn't only start the engine this morning, but also started the rain. I might have known, there was a lovely rainbow ahead against the black sky. It was time to press on and it wasn't long before we arrived at Watford Locks. These like Foxton are also a doddle, but there are only seven with just four in staircase. And strangely, like those at Foxton, are single width. Either side of Foxton and Watford they're double width and I wonder if there were any plans to widen them at some time.
Back to Braunston and the tunnel is a bit wobbly inside, we met two boats coming in the opposite direction and you have to be extra careful you don't collide or hit the tunnel side as the starboard navigation light comes alarmingly close to the wall. Panic over and at Braunston Locks we waited for the boat that was behind us in the tunnel to buddy up with us through the locks. There was a boat moored just short of the locks an I asked if they were going through and he said "No, I'm going to turn around". He proceeded too ram his bow into the opposite bank and try to get the stern past the concrete edge. Eventually he found the right hole to poke his nose into and managed to get the stern around. It provided a bit of entertainment, though.
Had a bit of trouble mooring in Braunston, it was packed and there was one boat moored outside the pub and I tried to get in between it and the end of the hedge, but there wasn't enough room by about two feet. We decided we'd try to moor the other side of this boat, but just before we pulled out another narrow boat bagged the space. So we moved on, and further along there was a space just big enough to get in. No pub for us again tonight, (we've been in three in three weeks) so a walk into Braunston to get fish and chips - just the job.

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