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Friday, 10 September 2010

Merry Hill to Oozells Loop (KLT)

We left Merry Hill after the rain stopped this morning and made our way toward Blowers Green Lock where we took on water just around the corner from where where we are in the photo.

In Blowers Green Lock
Lin was nervous about steering TQ around to the water point so she made me do it!

There's a festival on at Windmill End Junction this weekend and we got caught up in some of the traffic. Not too much of a delay, just a boat in front going along at a moderate engine speed, but with TQ on tick over, we kept catching him up and we had to stop and let him go on a bit before catching him up again. The festival was a sight to behold with loads of working boats, just a shame we couldn't stop as I have to go back to work on Monday. Here's a few pix from our passage through:-

On the approach

Then it was through Netherton Tunnel. This must be the biggest bore on the cut, two way traffic and a towpath on both sides. We passed five boats in the tunnel, all heading toward the festival. It was quite busy.
So under Tividale Aqueduct and a short stop for lunch, then a right turn at Dudley Port Junction, and just keep on chugging 'til we get to Oozells Loop. This bit always seems a long way, its about seven miles, but always seems longer. I pulled a fast one and dived in the back way into Oozells Loop (Western end) to save turning around and reversing back onto our favourite spot.

Our current mooring safe, under the CCTV camera

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