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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

All the way up the Swanny leading to a Pub with No Beer!

What a lark, we left Shardlow at around 09:00 and proceeded slowly toward the Flood Lock. The gates were open at both ends, so it's straight through without stopping, which is a bit strange. Derwent Mouth Lock took us down onto the River Trent which suddenly opens up to a wide expanse We decided to get a pump-out and diesel at Shardlow Marina which is some considerable distance up a backwater. We found the unsigned entrance and searched with caution to find the services area. (Again no signs). We found it and moored up, and then I went to find someone to serve us. Eventually I found the chandlery/office and enquired of my want. "The pump-out is £9.00" said the lady behind the counter. (Too good to be true) "Do you have cans for the diesel?" she asked. "Cans?, no, why would I need cans?" I asked. "We're not allowed to serve fuel for propulsion purposes" she said, "so we can't dispense fuel directly into a boats' fuel tank." Oh! well, I paid my £9.00 for the pump-out and she provided me with a key for the machine and I were to help myself. OK, happy with that until I found that the hose wouldn't reach. I considered winding (turning around) but that wasn't going to help either. I went back into the chandlery/office to retrieve my £9.00 and someone came out with me to see if they could help and agreed that there was no way the hose would reach, so It was back to the chandlery/office where I was given my money back. So it was all the way back to the mainline Trent after wasting an hour and a half and two miles worth of diesel. At Sawley Marina we were able to pump out and get dieseled, but I had to do both myself and both were far more expensive than at Shardlow. On to Sawley Locks where I thought there would be someone to operate them for us. No such luck, muggins had to do it for himself - in the rain. So, on past the entrance to the Erewash Canal, the continuation of the River Trent, and turn right on to the River Soar. This is where we change Pearsons Guides to The Oxford and Grand Union edition. Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station presents itself as a major feature at the Junction of the Trent and Soar, it is a massive structure.
Lin waiting for Derwent Mouth Lock to fill.
There's been very little rain this year compared to last, and water levels are low at the moment. I think even if we get a lot of rain now it shouldn't affect levels a great deal because the ground will soak it up before it enters the rivers.

That's about 250mm below the bottom of the green.

This is a pipe bridge carrying some liquid or gas or the Trent.
The M1 can be seen in the background

Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station.

A rather swish Boat Club House
On the Trent we need to find the entrance to the River Soar...
...It's over there on the right just off the picture.

A familiar place...
Kegworth New Lock.
Last year we were stranded here for four days waiting for the water level to go down. Yep, you've guessed it, it's raining.

Quite benign now

Water level is about 50mm below the green.
See ya tomorrow, all being well.

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