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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Yes, we finally made it. But what a journey, spectacular scenery all th way to Chirk Aqueduct, Chirk Tunnel, Froncycyllte, Poncysyllte Aqueduct, Trevor, Llangollen Narrows, and the moorings.

£12.00 gets you 48 hours, water and electricity.

It's a long walk back from the town, made long by the steep hill and steps to the moorings. If we stay too long here I thing we could get fit, can't be having that.

Today's start point.

As we turn the bend the Chirk Aqueduct presents itself. 

The railway viaduct.

They certainly knew how to build structures in those days.

Waiting our turn at the Pontcysyllte.

120 foot drop into the River Dee.

Some lovely properties nestled in the valley.

Looking back along the Ponty.
We had an early tea in the Corn Mill, sat outside woth a view of the river and railway station.

The Corn Mill - cracking food.
The Railway Station.

Barge parking:-

Almost full!
TQ is in there somewhere.

Ah! There... Note to self - we won't park our barge here again unless it's empty.
Never a dull moment on the canals, the Air Ambulance landed near the town this evening, caught it just after take-off.

It was on the ground for 3/4 of an hour, then away to hospital.

Earlier it was all hustle and bustle here in the moorings, now it's all gone quiet, there's hardly a sound, just the birdies singing their evening song.

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