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Monday, 4 May 2009

Day Two (Bank Holiday Monday)

...This is for you, Wendy (who thinks I always have the best weather when I'm on holiday) ITS RAINING! And its rained on and off all day. Pulled the piling hooks at around 10:30hrs and made our way to the moorings at The Bridge, Tibberton, with the intention of having a meal in there this evening, however we were tempted by the Eagle and Sun at Hanbury Wharf at lunch time. (Fatal) We had sausage mash and peas with onion gravy (fatal) and it was delicious. Just a shame there were no real ales. After lunch we made the effort to get to Tibberton and arrived around 16:00hrs. Later the question was asked, "Fancy a curry?" to which the reply came, "Still too full from lunch". So we vegetated in the boat all evening. It was a bit chilly so I lit the fire and it soon became too hot. Still no photos yet, we're thinking of buying a new camera in Worcester tomorrow. Hopefully we can get something that can upload direct to the computer without having to resort to bluetooth as our bluetooth dongle has gone missing.

How about this then... Two British Waterways guys made enquiries with us about low water in the pounds through Stoke Prior. They'd had a report that a pound was so empty boats were aground and listing. We had no problems but one pound was about three inches down, nothing to worry about. They went on their way and we caught up with them again at Stoke Bottom Lock. They kindly opened the lock gate for us and watched while Lin steered straight past some hire boats moored three abreast, through a short narrow dog leg into the lock, quickly I might add, and never touched the sides. The BW guys were most impressed, and I bet that'll stick in their minds for some time. She made a right cods up of the next lock, just as well no-one was watching.

More blogging tomorrow...

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