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Saturday, 8 May 2010

A dirty day and a nasty smell!

Hillmorton to Ansty

Had a lazy morning and left our mooring at 09:00hrs in the rain, and it continued to rain steadily all day and at times the rain was horizontal.

Through Rugby the bridges are decorated with art instead of graffiti. Its all about the history of the town and includes the story of the game of rugby and the story of the canals in the area. Unfortunately, some of it has been dawbed.

Rugby has a Tesco and yes you've guessed, we paid a visit. Another two carrier bags full of "stuff", and then it was lunchtime, and then it hammered down so we timed that just right.

After the rain had slowed Lin stayed inside and I steered TQ the rest of the way to Bridge 11 near Ansty. Along the way, Newbold Tunnel was well illuminated, nice, but I'm not sure why. Apparently the lights are turned off at night to allow bats to roost? I would have thought there wouldn't have been any bats in there at night. Maybe I've got it all wrong.

At Stretton Stop there was a bit of a surprise, there is a swingbridge, and its marked on the map but its small on the map and small in actual size too. I think its a sales ploy to get you to stop and buy something. Luckily for us someone came out to open it. Good job too as last time I went into a place like this all I wanted was a spare light bulb and ended up buying a new caravan.

Ansty is a odd place for boaters. It looks a nice village and I'm sure it is but its not boatie friendly. There are a few visitor moorings at one end of the village occupied by the usual continuous moorers and local hire boats' overspill from the local boatyard, and the rest (and there's quite a lot) are dedicated to permit holders only, and are unoccupied, and further on there is loads of space with "Strictly No Mooring" signs, so we won't.

On through Ansty and under the M69 Motorway Bridge and just after Bridge 11 looked a good place to moor but as usual along here its shallow near the edge.

Oh! I almost forgot, that bad smell. We blamed it on the toilet yesterday, but today I discovered what it was. In the port side rear locker is a pair of batteries. I think they are part of the domestic set, the other three being below in the engine room. One of them is gassing badly under charge which is why the smell occurs at the end of the day, and why battery performance is down. On Monday I'll phone Carefree and ask their advice.

No neighbours, just the distant roar of the M69

More tomorrow if I can get a signal from "3".

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