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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Testing day and EA license

Today we tested the repair to the exhaust which Kevin expertly bodged for us. More of that later but first I have to purchase a temporary license, a special windlass for one lock and a key for most other locks, from the shop at Gayton Marina. I also purchased a guide for the Fens. Over £180 ouch, we won't be doing that again. So much for the 50% out of season discount. I think I may have been over charged and I'm going to query it with the Environment Agency. I needed to top up the water tank and we helped ourselves to the supply at the quay side. I found our new flat cassette hose ideal for the purpose as it rolls back into the cassette so easily and stows away as a flat pack.

Onward, and we made our way down the thirteen Rothersthorpe Flight Locks after the which the canal becomes very narrow and reedy. The water is crystal clear and you can see the bottom of the canal, and its quite shallow but we didn't get stuck. through the remaining locks and we join the River Nene into Northampton. We moored just after the pedestrian bridge to do some shopping in Morrisons and then onward into Town Lock. This is the first of many on the Nene and a key is required for this one. One thing that is a bit strange to us is that you can leave the gate open at either end when you leave the lock. The first three Locks have the more familiar gates and it's not until you get to Weston Favell Lock that you find the guillotine type at the lower end. EA insist you leave this open irrespective of the direction you're travelling.

We struggled to find a mooring for the night and the first place was in Northampton and we didn't fancy that, so we pushed on to Weston Favell where there were decent moorings but they were full, so we had to go on further to Billing where there is plenty of room in the secure Aquadrome. (£6.50/night).

Nice Marina

Open surroundings
Its been very windy especially on the more open stretches and after preparing/positioning for moorings at Weston Favell and finding I couldn't get in there, I had to back out and because of the wind, do a 360 to align TQ up for the lock.

Oh! yes, and I have to mention, Kevins superbodge has worked a treat. With a clean air filter and no more smutty exhaust gas, TQ is performing well again. I just hope another hole doesn't appear until the unit can be replaced.


sed said...

We're enjoying the blog but sorry to hear about the problems. We're also grateful for your offer to fit the new boiler and hope it all goes smoothly. "Ouch" indeed re the EA licence fees. Perhaps we should talk at the AGM about getting a 'gold licence' for next year. Best regards

ketro said...


No problem to fit the new heater, I just hope it's exactly the same as the old one. I'll have a look at the shaving lamp over the mirror in the bathroom if I get a chance.
If we intend getting a gold license it would also be good for the Thames, though I'm not sure how far Oxford is from Calcutt.
All the best,
Kev and Lin aboard NB Tranquility