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Friday, 30 September 2011

Work to be done.

Just a short cruise today to Oundle Marina as I have some work to do. On arriving I went into the chandlers to get a new TV aerial, but they had none in stock. I'm told the signal here is very poor so no TV for us again tonight.

Just after sunrise this morning.
I got down and dirty in the engine 'ole today, and fitted the new Webasto which is now up and running. A check on the antifreeze content will be required back at Calcutt.

This is how I did it:-

The first job - fit the mounting bracket
There's no thread in the holes and self tapping screws are supplied. No tapping fluid, so I had to make do with WD40. At least the screws shouldn't go rusty.

This is where it's got to go.
Next is to offer it up to where the old one was and check to see if the holes line up. Luckily they do, and using the three original stainless wood screws, (there should be four) attach the unit to the wall.

Unit fully installed and working.
Then fit the exhaust using assembly paste and tighten up the retaining clamp. Attach the air cleaner and supply tube, this is a push fit and no clamp is supplied in this case. The cleaner fits in a flexible clip screwed to the wall. Then the fuel supply, simply push on and tighten clamp. Fit coolant return hose to the pump and tighten the Jubilee clip, and then push on the coolant supply hose only so that there is a small gap at the top. this is to allow the air to escape when I open the two red handled valves. When coolant is ejected, push hose fully home and tighten Jubilee clip. Press in the two electrical connection blocks, replace the fuse and cover, and now its ready to test. Turn on the fuel cock and switch on at the usual button, and success, it fires up nicely. There's a lot of gurgling going on so I removed the cover from the head of the radiators where there is an air bleed cap. I unscrewed it slightly to let the air out, and then screwed it back down again when the coolant came through. I needed to do this several times while I ran the system for the first hour. After that it was fine. Last job is to check and fill with water to just over half way, the header tank in the wardrobe. Thats it, job completed, we now have heating and hot water.

The next job is to repair the light over the mirror in the shower room. First things first - SWITCH OFF THE MAINS SUPPLY. Remove the diffuser and Oh! what's this? The lamp had been pulled out from one end to prevent it from working. Presumably because it was "broken" in the on position and couldn't be switched off. OK two wood screws and remove the light from the wall. Using a meter confirm there is no mains potential at the supply point. Disconnect the mains supply wires from the terminal block on the back of the unit. Clean the unit inside and out. Re attach the pull chord into the switch lug and tie a bigger knot. Re assemble unit and fit back on the wall. Fit lamp and diffuser. Switch the mains supply back on and test. Hey, it works. Another job done.

I don't know how I do it for the money!
It's got busy here this evening, There's been no one here all day then this turned up:-

Busy, busy.
More tomorrow...

1 comment:

sed said...

Great work with the heater and light and we - and I'm sure the rest of the syndicate would agree -are very grateful for your efforts. Still enjoying the blog and all the fine pictures. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.
Best regards