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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

There again and back again

'Twas a foggy morning this morning, though it soon cleared and we've had wall to wall sunshine all day, and its been very warm. This is the first time we've had decent weather since we've had TQ, it makes a terrific difference.

Tonight is the first time we've seen TV as the aerial is broken so I've cobbled together an aerial from the base of the old one and a piece of welding rod I use for cleaning the gutter drain tubes under the deck board and weed hatch. It works perfectly.

The perfect bodge

The perfect result

Good news, the new Webasto is now in our possession and I'll fit it later in the week. More good news, the repair to the exhaust is still holding out. Even more good news, the bow thruster still works, though we only give it minimum use.

What have we done today? We've been back into Peterborough again and this time we went to Peterborough Boating Center to pick up the Webasto and fill up the diesel tank. Then we filled up the water tank on the Embankment. Then Lin went shopping in Asda again, more on that later. We ended up back at Alwalton Lock in exactly the same place (within a few millimetres) of where we were this morning. It's a lovely spot, only marred by the noise of the A1 trunk road, though we've experienced worse.
Now, shopping at Asda. We had steak tonight, finest rib eye, with onions. Unfortunately, Asda didn't have any disposable barbecues ("the season's over, you know") so Lin had to cook it in the grill. It was delicious, cooked right through and tender on the inside, with caramelised juices on the outside, all washed down with a glass of Abbot.

More tomorrow.

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